Knucklehead began as an odd addition to a local haunted attraction in the Fall of 2014. The slightly disturbing, clown-like characters melded with their portrayal as gender-bent characters in theatrical productions such as Angel in RENT. 

Over time the shock art style performances and unusual characters Knucklehead brought to the stage at local clubs captivated audiences both queer and quirky alike. As the unconfirmed love child of Cindy Sherman and Pee Wee Herman, Knucklehead, birthed from the backwoods of Pennsyltucky, has been awarded many prestigious titles, including “Idiot of the Year, 2018” and “Miss Dullard, 2016” as well as the reigning supreme of the self-professed and ego-boosting title, “Slapstick Camp King”.

Their last words word be, “WAIT! …I can explain.”