Set time: 3:05-3:35 PM, Saturday, July 20th @ Clipper Magazine Stadium

S a t e e n is New York City’s premier queer femme music duo. The couple, consisting of vocalist, Queenie, and instrumentalist/producer, Ruby, were recently deemed one of the “50 LGBTQ Musicians You Should Prioritize” by Paper Magazine. Paper describes Sateen’s music as “…flawlessly executed, vintage disco tailored for the dance floor, encompassing their queerness, their sexuality, and their romance.” In speaking about the band’s most recent release, the eponymous Sateen, Another Magazine said, “it’s almost impossible not to be lifted by their songs.” OUT heralded the EP as “equally a political war cry and a flashy pop project.” Along with their debut album, Greatest Hits, Sateen have released several music videos, including their previous single, Finer Things, which Paper called “…radiant with unabashed glamour.”

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