Lancaster Pride Pride Festival

Pride Festival

Date: 07/20/2019

Location: Clipper Magazine Stadium

650 N Prince St
Lancaster, PA 17603

Lancaster Pride has a new home this year! We are so excited to team up with our hosts, the Lancaster Barnstormers at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Our new setup allows us to feature multiple drag performances and musical acts, and we are thrilled to bring Andrea Gibson back to Lancaster. There is something for everyone at LancPride 2019! Check out the entire Pride Festival line-up, here!

Lancaster Pride is celebrating 50 years since stonewall and all the progress we have made as a community. over the last several decades we have made great progress in gaining rights and becoming more equal. And that is progress worth celebrating!

At the same time, we would like to highlight many of the groups inside of our community that deserve additional recognition QPoC and Transgender individuals still have significant social obstacles they have to overcome every day and often we overlook their struggles as we celebrate the steps forward we have made.

This year’s festival we are making attempts to ensure that no group feels unwelcome, so we all can celebrate our diversity and greatness!