Lancaster PA Pride Pageant 2020 Participant Application

The Lancaster Pride Pageant is a gender-inclusive drag pageant for contestants who believe in the power and importance of community service. Our pageant winners are more than titleholders. They live and breathe the spirit of pride. They envision a world in which all LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected, and included — free from any discrimination, rejection, or prejudice. They commit their volunteer work, time, and energy to the Lancaster Pride Association’s mission is a celebration of the progress that the local LGBTQ+ community has made toward achieving visibility, acceptance and equality within Lancaster County as an organization, Lancaster Pride is committed to producing a vibrant festival that honors these achievements. We strive to offer engaging programming that best meets the current needs of our population, while evolving to fulfill future needs. We want to educate, collaborate, and build partnerships with our allies, associations, and other organizations that directly support the LGBTQ+ population. 

This year’s Lancaster Pride Pageant has been reimagined in line with our commitment toward intentional inclusion and visibility. We have combined previously separate and gendered pageant contests, with each titled contest this year open to all performers regardless of gender. Up to three winners will be selected; together, Mx. Lancaster PA Pride, Miss Lancaster PA Pride, and Mr. Lancaster PA Pride will serve as the Lancaster Pride Court. 

If you are interested in competing to become a part of the Lancaster PA Pride Royal Court, please complete this application in its entirety. Before completing this application, we encourage you to think thoughtfully about your answers to the following questions, as well as to prepare your photographs and information for upload.

This year’s Lancaster PA Pride Pageant will be hosted on April 24, 2020 from 9-11 at the Phantom Power venue in Millersville PA.. Our theme is “Solid Gold/Boogie Wonderland!”

If you have any questions about the pageant, you can reach out to AJ Makibbin the current Entertainment Chair for Drag Performers at 

Lancaster PA Pride Pageant Application