Ryan Gabriel Davis

Entertainment Committee Chair

Ryan Gabriel Davis is an events coordinator, music promoter and creative visionary from Lancaster, Pennsylvania as well as the owner and company founder of Animal House Productions. He can usually be found in one of two places: a forest or a concert. Ryan’s ethos is founded in the living arts, community engagement, energy, and creative expression. Ryan strives to work with artists in the queer community, women, people of color and other marginalized groups to stages in Central Pennsylvania. His pursuit is to make those populations feel welcome, at home, present, heard, and know that their participation is vital and valued. He believes music and engages communities to come together, collaborate and co-exist in spaces with the goals and intent of drawing diverse crowds and fostering connections between attendees, artists, and community. He encourages and aims to form more creative, positive, colorful, open-minded atmospheres through the power of music and art because he believes that performance, dance, and art can heal you.