COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 is currently impacting Lancaster County, the country and the world.  With the recent quarantine mandates in Pennsylvania, it is looking increasingly serious. As an organization, Lancaster Pride places a high value on individual safety and security, and we are keeping a close eye on updates regarding the coronavirus. 

At this time, we feel it is premature to cancel or postpone the Lancaster Pride Festival until we have more information. We are currently exploring other options and contingency plans in the event that this situation continues to affect Lancaster into the Summer. Because the health and safety of our community is paramount, we are cancelling the May Bus Trip to NYC. We are looking at alternative dates for upcoming events this Spring.  

We hope that you stay safe and healthy, and ask those that are able to donate to local food banks and charities to help those less fortunate in these difficult times.  

To learn more about how to protect yourself go to the CDC website here:

How Pride is Handling the Situation

We are cancelling or postponing upcoming events this spring where more than 10 people would be present. All pride meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Pride has a robust set of virtual services that we are utilizing to keep all volunteers safe and minimize in person contact.

We are closely monitoring the situation as developments are occurring rapidly. We plan to be flexible and react quickly to developing situations. We will work with Vendors, Participants and the Community to ensure safety and health of everyone.

We pledge to maintain open and transparent communication with the community to maintain relationships and build community trust.